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Why is Generation Z Important as a Target Audience in Marketing Strategies?

Generation Z, which makes up a quarter of the world's population, includes the generation born in 1996 and 2011. This mass, which constitutes today's young population, influences the strategies and marketing methods of brands. For this audience, technology is the most important element in their lives because this audience was born into technology. For this reason, brands are now pursuing innovative approaches that can attract the attention of Generation Z.

When the Z generation is examined, we can easily say that social media constitutes a large part of their lives. In the researches, it is concluded that e-commerce and Instagram pages are very important for this generation. According to the data obtained by Piper Jaffray, 70% of the Z generation follows the innovations of the brands with Instagram.

It is also important to take control for the Z generation. This generation want to have the freedom to choose between the content, to turn off the advertisement when they get bored, or to watch it again and again when he likes it. It can be much more effective to use interactive advertising models for this generation, who can be easily distracted.

In parallel with the growth of Generation Z with social media, we can say that there are influencers in their lives. More than 85% of the mass of social media phenomena, who have introduced themselves and have an audience on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Youtube, consists of Generation Z. This makes it necessary for social media phenomena to produce content for the next generation. Influencers have already captured this audience. What about brands? Yes, many brands have already started working with influencers and promoting their products. In order to increase the interest of the Z generation and gain the trust of Z generation, you should review your marketing approach.


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