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What is Green Marketing?

Today, we are more concerned with environmental issues than ever before. Air pollution, plastic waste in the oceans, global warming and food waste... All of them are great threats to humanity and nature. Now customers are aware that they are not only sensitive to the environment, but also responsible for the environment. Green marketing aims to catch consumers who give importance to the environment strategically.

Green marketing is a method of selling a company's brand, products and services by taking advantage of its environmental benefits. It aims to make consumers associate these values ​​with the company or brand. It promotes environmental core values. Engaging in sustainable activities through green marketing can lead to the creation of a new product line that caters to a new target market.

Green marketing means that manufacturers use environmentally friendly processes in production such as recycling water, using renewable energy or reducing carbon dioxide emissions. According to a study by Unilever, 33% of consumers prefer to shop from brands based on their social and environmental impact.

Green marketing requires a holistic approach. A company cannot succeed by emphasizing a green aspect of a particular product, it must demonstrate a commitment at multiple levels, such as manufacturing processes or environmental involvement. When consumers see the 'greenness' of a product or service as a benefit, they can change their purchasing decisions. It is predicted that they will pay more for green products compared to a non-green alternative product.


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