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Top Business Trends in 2021

While the year 2020 is leaving us with very bad memories, especially the pandemic, it is important to adapt to the new generation's work discipline, culture and knowledge gained from last year. Last year's events also provide clues about prominent trends, especially in the business world. Sectors need to restructure or strengthen their existing systems by taking these trends into account.

New Office Trends Are Forming

In times when it is necessary to work remotely due to Covid, companies are quickly adapting their operations to the remote workforce. Instant solutions basically do not support the culture of working from home. However, being able to work in this situation leads to the creation of a new business model for companies. The question stands out: Do you still need an office? Some companies are seeing increases in productivity and workforce as a result of remote working. In some companies, remote working cannot provide the expected efficiency. In particular, problems such as the right office equipment and motivational support provided in the office environment are always faced by managers. This requires redesign and restructuring of workspaces. The 2020 process brought a new trend: the virtual office. The obligation to pay withholding tax is eliminated in virtual offices, and rent payments are also invoiced. Virtual offices can also be used for all front office tasks such as routing telephones, storing mail and cargo safely.

New Asset Values: Data

With data volumes growing greatly in recent years, companies are using this data more systematically to better understand their customers and improve their decision processes. These companies outperform their competitors. With cloud solutions, data that can be accessed from anywhere is protected more securely by businesses. This initiative stands out among the trends of 2021. Just like real estate and other assets, data are considered as valuable assets of companies. In addition, there are predictions that businesses will gain decision-making insights from this data by increasing data literacy in 2021. Proper use of data also means efficient and effective processing, analysis and storage of data flowing into the organization. It is important for companies to update their automation processes for the correct transfer and processing of data.

Innovation in Business Models

In 2021, business leaders need to reconsider the products and services they offer to their customers, their fields of activity as a business, and their methods. 2020 obliged all of the organizations, events and tourism-based sectors to make an important change decision. But some businesses are thriving even during the pandemic. These companies stand out for their ability to react quickly to development. For example, restaurants that invest in packaging services, electronics companies that turn to technological products suitable for domestic life in production, realize their own growth with innovation disciplines. By analysing the details of their processes, businesses consider what they can do with data / functions / employee groups that do not create added value. Companies that manually perform processes such as warehouses, supply chains, autonomous vehicles, motorized transportation vehicles, as well as customer service, leave all these systems to chatbots. Among the predictions for the future is information that there will be an automation trend instead of white-collar professionals. This process includes services such as virtual interfaces in shopping and augmented reality in online shopping. 2021 came as a year in which companies that innovate in their business models look to the future with more hope.

Return to Local and Search for Meaning Begins

The disruption of global supply chains due to Covid-19 diverts production and sales to local suppliers. Just as the protection of environmental sustainability comes to the fore in shopping, new generation employees want to perform in line with a purpose and meaning in the companies they enter. Business processes, where social participation events gained importance during the pandemic, seem to continue in 2021 from where they left off. Social media stands out as a guiding trend not only in individual expressions but also in shopping. Due to the economic turmoil that emerged during the pandemic process, businesses plan to seek capital through traditional channels in 2021. At this point, the works are carried out not through an office, but also through local freelancers. For freelancers, the shared office conditions offered by companies attract much more attention than the home working system. The new working disciplines that local freelancers come together and create with the synergy they establish always provide much greater advantages.


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