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The status of the sectors according to digitalization during the pandemic period

The pandemic has accelerated digitalization all over the world. Digitalization has created a domino effect, creating permanent changes in many areas. First of all, the ways of doing business changed and then their lifestyles also became digital. Changing lifestyles directly affected consumer expectations and behavior.

In this period, not only digital usage but also consumers' expectations have changed. Companies that adapted to these expectations made more profits during this period. Those who are already compatible with this process have reached an unexpected peak. After the measures taken to stop the spread of the virus, education and working life shifted home, and video conferencing systems such as Zoom separated from other categories with a 15-fold growth.

After online shopping, which is another requirement of living at home, remote food shopping has increased rapidly. In this category, national markets increased effectively with digitalization investments compared to discount markets, strong logistics and home distribution infrastructures and e-commerce experiences.

Consumers turned to vitamin and herbal products in this period when healthy nutrition and keeping the immune system strong was even more important. In other words, the healthy products category is also among the rising categories.

Sports media, jewelry, betting, transportation channels, culture and art activities, hotels and accommodation are among the categories that feel the negative impact of the epidemic the most.

Interaction in the real estate category, which is a long-term investment, decreased with the increase in the risk perception of the consumers. A similar situation is observed in automobile sales.

We can say that digitalization has led to a permanent change in consumers and industries. We anticipate that users who are accustomed to the comfort and convenience of digital will not easily return to their old habits. It is obvious that the sectors that adapt to digital can always survive. There are many opportunities and potentials in the digital communication world, this world will continue to develop and renew after the pandemic.


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