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Why leaders should encourage creativity?

Considering the increasing competition in the business world, turbulence of business life and technological developments, more and more managers understand the need to encourage their employees to be creative.

Our worldwide transition to an innovation-driven economy was actually quite sudden. And as innovation became more important, competition in the business world became related to who produced the best and the largest number of ideas. Therefore, employees should be encouraged to creativity in order to produce new good ideas in the business world. Leaders must indicate that they are always open to new ideas and a working understanding that supports creativity must be adopted.

Creativity is not managed but you can manage for creativity

The projects are designed in the traditional management approach, plans are made in order of priority. Then, according to the plan, people, who are leaders, are appointed to lead each of them. However, the main source of the ideas is not the leaders at the beginning of the project. Leaders are in charge of the proper functioning of the current plan. Employees at all levels involved in the project should present their own ideas to develop or improve the project. For this, the leader must adopt the management approach for creativity.

Suitable environment required

There are a number of requirements for employees not only to be project-oriented but to use their creativity effectively for the organization they work for. Leaders should provide the necessary motivation for employees to reveal their ideas without hesitation. It is even necessary to provide an environment where creativity is clearly defined and rewarded when necessary.

Although many employees have much better and more creative ideas about solving problems, they choose to remain silent in meetings and only strong employees give their own opinions. However, new ideas are required for creativity and anyone can produce new ideas. Leaders should not make a hierarchical distinction at this point and should give everyone an equal voice. Employees who hesitate to express their opinion due to the difference in status should encourage them through various methods.

So what are these methods?

Leaders should give their employees freedom. They should increase the motivation for creative business approaches and endeavors by encouraging creative ideas. By interacting more with employ

ees, they should tolerate mistakes in the process of generating ideas or implementing a new idea. Leaders can create a creativity-oriented environment by creating a common vision. At the same time, leaders should be an example to employees with their creative behavior. They should support not only in the process of generating ideas, but also in the process of transforming ideas into results.

New ideas can be anywhere

Creativity; it may require going beyond existing technological, social, organized, informational or physical boundaries. Ideas can also be increased by making use of external resources. Recently, many companies see open source development as the future of innovation.

Although in the past, innovation seemed to be a product of a single genius. Most innovations that take place in today's conditions are formed with the contributions of many people. In this case, leaders should not look for new ideas in just one place or one person because new ideas can be anywhere, even in this post article!


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