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The African Excellence Forum (AEF) and Excellence Talks are proud to be hosting an important international webinar: Realisation of Botswana Vision 2036 through Business Excellence.

The Botswana Vision was prepared by the Vision 2036 Presidential Task team to transform Botswana from an upper middle-income country to a high-income country and as an Agenda to “Achieve Prosperity for All” by 2036 As the representative of the Botswana Presidential Task Team, Mr. Christopher Molomo opened the Webinar with this welcome speech.

This Webinar was initiated by the African Excellence Forum, represented by

- the AEF Chairman, Matome Modipa

- the CEO of the AEF, Ed van den Heever …

- and Christian Forstner, Director of the African Excellence Forum and Co-Founder of Excellence Talks


The Webinar was organized and moderated by Murat Aydin, co-founder of Excellence Talk in cooperation with Veron Mosalakatane from the Presidential Task team.

There were 4 insightful speakers from 4 different continents:

Ed van den Heever (Africa), the CEO of the African Excellence Forum, member of the Global Excellence Council. Mr. Ed shared his knowledge and insights on African Ubuntu Excellence Framework. He is also CEO of Business Assessment Services which is one of the leading model-based performance consulting firms in South Africa. For more than 30 years, has helped develop continuous improvement systems and solutions for its clients and facilitated the rollout of the Operational Excellence System and Business.


Dr. Christian Forstner, Founder of CF Your Advantage (Germany) - Management Inspirator, Founding Member & Director of the African Excellence Forum. Dr. Forstner shared the secrets of Successful Project Implementation. He has been assessing all types of organizations around the world, including large multinational companies of more than 50,000 people. With this experience, he has developed his logical and simple “Your Advantage” approach that enables sustainable Advantage for organizations and all their stakeholders.


Prof. Prabir Kumar Bandyopadhyay (India), International Consultant, Speaker. Mr. Prabir presented The Role of Leadership in Creating Sustainable Competitive Advantage Post Covid-19. Professor Prabir helped the Government of Oman in designing and implementing business excellence model for the manufacturing sector. For more than two decades he was associated with the National Productivity Council, India and conducted several management development programmes and consultancy assignments.


Ravi Fernando (Australia), Director of Business Excellence Australia, Member of the Global Excellence Council. Mr. Fernando shared the interesting facts of Superior Service Delivery. Mr. Fernando is a business excellence, quality management and process improvement professional with more than 20 years’ experience working with Australian and Global organisations. He has extensive experience in guiding organisations through transformational change initiatives leveraging a process foundation to improve performance.