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5 Technological Innovations Expected to Enter Our Lives in the Near Future

In this age when we are struggling with global warming and climate change, a sustainable future is very important. Every innovation made for a sustainable future will play a major role in winning this fight. Let's take a look at 5 exciting technological innovations that are expected to enter our lives in the near future.

1- Artificial eyes

Bionic eyes were frequently featured in sci-fi books or movies. But this fictional dream may soon become reality. Technology that will enable people with different types of visual impairment to gain the ability to see will be possible. This year, the world's first artificial cornea was successfully transplanted into a visually impaired man. This successful surgery accelerated the artificial iris studies. In the near future, visual impairments can be easily treated.

2- Wearable technologies powered by the body

A new one is being added to wearable technologies every day. In an age where sustainability gains importance, technologies that derive their power from the human body will be an indispensable part of life. Now, devices/technologies that work with the body can be produced instead of batteries. It was discovered that some of the energy expended while exercising can be converted into electricity. In addition, studies are carried out on obtaining energy from body sweat. It will be a very important step to reduce our dependence on electricity and meet some of the needs from our own body.

3- Energy storage bricks

Scientists announced that it is possible to store energy in bricks used in construction. This technology is still in the proving stage, but it looks promising. The solutions we use to heat and cool our living spaces are harming our planet. Therefore, energy-storing bricks will be a very important step to protect our planet and our future.

4- Smart food labels

There is a serious waste of food around the world. A new technology has been developed to remedy this situation. In the designed technology, we will see smart tags that change the shape of the package. Thanks to the smart label, when bacteria begin to grow in the packaged food, the label will automatically detect and swell or turn blue. Smart food label technology can both prevent food waste and enable the consumer to consume safer food.

5- Floating farms

It is estimated that the world population will increase by 2 billion more by 2050. This means that there will be a greater need for food than today. More farms need to be established to meet food needs. Floating farms that will take sustainable agriculture to the next level are already established on the shores of the Dutch city of Rotterdam. It is expected to become more widespread


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