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8-Year-Year-old Girl Gets to Chat with Orbiting Astronaut!


Using her father's amateur radio equipment, an eight-year-old girl from Kent was thrilled to communicate with an astronaut aboard the International Space Station.


Kjell Lindgren and Isabella Payne spoke for 45 seconds this month while he drove by Isabella's home.


Dr. Lindgren, an American, tweeted from orbit that the exchange was one of his "favorite interactions thus far."


Isbaella's passionate father Matthew managed to arrange up the conversation while admitting he was a little envious of his daughter. It is extremely uncommon for amateur radio listeners to make contact with astronauts on the station.

The astronaut took to Twitter and said it might have been his favorite contact so far.

Archaeologists Found a Perfectly Preserved 1,500 Year-old Arrow Inside Glacier


Inside a glacier, archaeologists discovered a wonderfully preserved 1,500-year-old arrow. The arrow was found on August 17 in the Jotunheimen mountains in Norway by a group of seven experts from Secrets of the Ice, a branch of the regional council's Glacier Archaeology Program. The team was conducting a reconnaissance of the reindeer hunting site.


Hero Cat Saves Owner Who was Having a Heart Attack by Pounding its Paws on Her Chest!



In order to wake up his owner after she had a heart attack, a brave cat beat his paws on her chest.


Sam Felstead was sound asleep when her seven-year-old cat Billy woke her up at 4.30 am.


She screamed out to her mother Karen for assistance after realizing she couldn't move her body and had a sharp pain running down her right side.


When Karen took the 42-year-old to the hospital, the staff informed her that she had had a heart attack while she was sleeping, and Karen is convinced that Billy's quick actions saved the woman's life.

16-Year Old Becomes the Youngest to Circumnavigate Earth in an Airplane


Photos published on Wednesday show Mack Rutherford in Sofia, Bulgaria, following a world circumnavigation. He made history as the youngest person to fly a tiny plane alone around the world. (Image credit: AFP/Belga Mag/Beatrice De Smet via Getty Images)

On Wednesday, a 17-year-old pilot made history by flying a small plane solo around the globe.


Belgian-born British citizen Mack Rutherford arrived in Sofia, Bulgaria, where he started his adventure five months prior. Rutherford became the youngest person to fly solo around the world and the youngest person to do so in an ultralight aircraft, smashing two Guinness World Records.


The teen declared, "I'm really delighted to have been able to finish my five-month trip across the world, and I'm back in Sofia securely and successfully."


Innovation in Organic Solar Cells Promise Low-Cost, Bendable, and Efficient Panels











A significant improvement in photovoltaic energy has been promised by Korean researchers who have developed electrodes for use in all-organic solar cells utilizing cheap zinc oxide.


High conversion efficiency, flexibility, and light weight are anticipated characteristics of organic solar cells (OSCs). However, the majority of OSC electrodes are made of indium tin oxide, which is both expensive and delicate, making it impossible to use OSCs to create flexible, large-area solar panels.


The cells could be manufactured not only more affordably, but in many cases domestically, if the indium tin oxide could be swapped out. The manufacturing of indium tin oxide was so impractical, even in an industrialized country like South Korea, that all of this material was imported from abroad.